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CircuitWorks BA Dispensing Pens

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CircuitWorks BA Dispensing Pens

CircuitWorks® BA Empty Dispensing Pens are offered to provide flexibility in using liquids. This unique dispensing pen allows the user to fill the pens with any liquids required, whether fluxes, flux removers, solvents, lubricants or other liquids. The body of this pen is made from durable aluminum, making it more resistant to corrosion than tin-plate dispensers. It’s large reservoir holds more material than most disposable pens, increasing use time between filling. The large stable base lets the user stand the pen on it’s end, minimizing bench space used, and it’s unique cap prevents the pen from rolling if laid on it’s side.

  • Fill with your choice of liquids; fluxes, cleaning solvents, oils, etc.
  • Wide opening allows easy filling
  • Wide base permits the pen to stand upright on your work bench, minimizing footprint
  • Tough and durable body, valve and nib
  • Anti-roll cap prevents pen from rolling off bench top


  • Portable and convenient way to apply the specific flux for your process
  • Dispensing lubricants, contact preservatives or coatings
  • Can be used with inks or marking materials
Shelf Life 5 yrs.
Shipping Name Consumer Commodity ORM-D

Packaging & Availability

Part # Size Units Per Case UPC

2 empty pens per blister pack with four nibs

12 blister packs 32599102865