Superior products for electronic prototyping, assembly, and maintenance.

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Chemtronics products make avionics repair faster, easier and more accurate, improving equipment reliability even in the most challenging aviation environment.

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Coventry™ cleanroom swabs, wipes and high precision solvents for critical environments and applications.

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FOCCUS™ brand products from Chemtronics give you the tools you need to quickly clean connectors and ports the first time, every time.

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Chemtronics is the industry leader in solutions for the electronics, telecommunications, and critical environments markets.

Our full line of products is engineered to meet all your cleaning, coating, and maintenance needs.



Chemtronics Konform® Conformal Coatings are used for spray, dip tank, and brush applications. They protect printed circuit boards, components and flex circuitry from damage.

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Conformal Coating


Remove environmental contaminants and protect contacts from corrosion and frictional wear. Restore electrical continuity to all electronic and electrical contacts.

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The most effective products made for the critical cleaning and degreasing of electronics, electrical assemblies, and any other highly sensitive electronic components.

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A hematology analyzer is used for the early detection of any abnormalities in human blood. The machine follows the “Coulter Principle” on counting blood cells. Blood counts are very useful for the early diagnosis of possible infections and abnormalities such as Anemia, Leukemia, Hemophilia, and Lymphoma. Here are some tips on how to acquire reliable results for a dependable diagnosis.
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In this article, we explore a basic workflow process of additively manufactured implants. By no means is this text an ultimate guideline of the exact process, as different parts and assemblies require different procedures and equipment. With this said, the main objective is to offer a general overview of the manufacturing of a surgical implant, making special emphasis on what differentiates this process from a regular 3D-printed part in non-medical workflows.
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Infusion pumps are the devices that deliver intravenous fluids or medication automatically to a patient. These devices can be seen mostly in the ward, emergency room or intensive care unit of hospitals. Accuracy is important; even for benign substances like IV fluids, overloading a patient can lead to headaches, high blood pressure, cramping, trouble breathing, or anxiety. There are ways to prevent these problems. These include proper calibration, proper operation, and proper maintenance of the machine. Here are some tips on how to eliminate overloading or underloading IV fluids on a patient.
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Tetrachloroethylene (PCE) and Trichloroethylene (TCE) are chlorinated liquid hydrocarbons, primarily used as degreaser agents for the cold cleaning of fabricated metal parts. They serve as general solvents for resins, fats, oils, waxes, rubber, paints, cellulose esters and ethers, and varnishes. In the industry, both chemicals are of occupational concern because of their high toxicity levels and widespread usage; they have recently become the primary pollutants in most of the state and federal Superfund sites. Moreover, traces of these harmful compounds have been found to occur in underground and surface water sources as a result of inappropriate manufacturing, consumption, and disposal practices.
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