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Coventry Multi-Phase Carrier Solvent

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Coventry Multi-Phase Carrier Solvent

Coventry™ 12809 Multi-Phase Carrier Solvent is a saturated mixture of n-octane and perfluorocarbon (PFC). The n-octane provides solvency while the PFC provides an inert perfluorocarbon vapor blanket above the liquid mixture. These vapors act to impede the flammability of the n-octane. As the perfluorocarbon evaporates during use, the supplemental PFC moves into the saturated solution. Although 12809 shows no closed cup flash point up to its boiling point, the primary component, n-octane is flammable. Therefore, Coventry™ 12809 should be handled and shipped as a flammable solvent.

Coventry™ 12809 is used to replace CFCs, HCFCs, and flammable solvents as a carrier solvent for lubricants and coatings. It is especially effective as a silicone solvent and as a swelling agent for silicone fabricated parts.

  • High solubility of silicone and other lubricants
  • No ozone depleting chemicals
  • Low toxicity
  • Fast drying
  • Very low non-volatile residue
  • Maximum performance and safety

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1 gal / 3.8L
Minimum order - 10 units

1 gallon per case
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