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Since 1958, Chemtronics has been at the forefront of electronics maintenance and repair. Chemtronics products became synonymous with highest performance, quality and innovation to hundreds of thousands of technicians the world over. From then, our product offering has grown from a handful of cleaners to a complete line of ultra-pure solvents, swabs and wiper, precision rework and repair tools for the electrical, electronics and telecommunications industry. Since 1999, Chemtronics has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works Inc. (www.itw.com).

At Chemtronics, our mission is simple – to continue as the industry’s innovative technology leader providing our customers with the tools to achieve the highest degree of reliability and productivity. This has made us what we are today: The innovative company known for offering products with precise formulations and optimum cleaning power, the greatest amount of performance possible and true convenience.

We were first to offer a complete line of products specifically developed for the demanding needs of lead-free applications. From high temperature spot masks used in the production environment to patented Soder-Wick® Desoldering Braid, these products were engineered for the higher temperature, more aggressive conditions found in lead-free production, rework and repair. When the regulations for ozone depleting compounds changed, we were the first to bring the ozone-safe performance of Cirozane™ CFC Replacement Chemistry. Cirozane™ is still the most effective and safest CFC/HCFC-free cleaning chemistry available — and the one with no trade-offs. And we introduced Verizane™, the most cost-effective 141b replacement chemistry available. We created Ultrajet® Biggest Blast Duster, the most powerful duster ever. Even better, we combined this power with the value-added convenience of a breakthrough delivery system to create Ultrajet® All-Way Duster. Even when spraying upside down, Ultrajet® All-Way Duster delivers 100% cleaning power.

And that’s just the short list. In this website, you’ll find page after page of products with one common ingredient: a company-wide pledge to deliver on our promise...

"Nothing Performs Like Chemtronics."

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Michael Wu, National Sales Manager - China region
Hengqiao Road, Wujiang Economic Development Zone
Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China 215200
江苏省苏州市吴江经济和技术开发区横桥路 215200
Tel: (86)512-82060808 Ext 508
MP : (86) 13777018750
Fax: (86)-512-8206 0808
Email: chinasales@itwsms.com

West Asia
Eugene Ooi, SW Asia Sales Manager
MP : +60-164475922
Email: yjooi@chemtronics.com

East Asia
Mark Tay, SE Asia Sales Manager
MP : +65 979652833
Email: mtay@itwcce.com

South Korea
Chris Jung, South Korea Sales Manager
MP : 82107334 8989
Email: dgJung@itwcce.com

North America

Chemtronics / ITW Contamination Control Electronics
8125 Cobb Center Drive
Kennesaw, GA 30152
Tel: 1-800-645-5244
Fax: 770-424-4267
Email: info@itwcce.com


Chemtronics / ITW Contamination Control EMEA
Saffierlaan 5
2132 VZ Hoofddorp
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 88 1307 400
Fax +31 88 1307 499
Email: info@itw-cc.com

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