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Coventry Pillow-Tip Swabs
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Coventry Pillow-Tip Swabs

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Coventry Pillow-Tip Swabs

Pillow-tip™ swabs offer cotton bud characteristics without the fibers, lint and contamination of cotton. Glass filled nylon handles are rigid like wooden handles but are cleanroom grade.  Aqua-Prime™ process available on all wrapped polyester swabs.
Pillow-tip™ swabs consist of polyester knit fabric which is held in place using a shrink tube. These swabs are low in nonvolatile residue, ionic and particulate contamination, while providing exceptional strength and solvent resistance.



Features & Benefits

  • Engineered for high solvent retention with the cleanliness of ISO Class 4 processed polyester
  • Seamless design is lint free
  • High-strength, adhesive-free swab, durable head construction
  • Excellent solvent compatibility
  • Available Aqua-Prime™ processed


  • Clean High End Disk Drive Components
  • Clean Surfaces for the Aerospace Industry
  • Micro Mechanical Cleaning
  • Validate cleanliness of Manufacturing Surfaces for the Pharmaceutical and
  • Biotechnical Industry
Shelf Life 5 yrs.
Shipping Name Swabs


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