Chemtronics ControlWipes

Solvent resistant highly absorbent wipe

ControlWipes™ consist of cellulose and polyester nonwoven fabric. These wipers have excellent absorbency, and contamination entrapment, as well as high strength. ControlWipes™ are ideal as an economical utility wipe for any clean area.

Features & Benefits

  • Nonwoven, spunlaced polyester cellulose fabric
  • General purpose lint-free wipe
    • Packaged in a Class 100 cleanroom environment
    • Strong, will not tear or shred; will not unravel or lint
    • High absorbency and liquid retention
    • Will not abrade surfaces
    • Resistant to most solvents, alcohols and dilute acids
    • For critical environment applications requiring contamination control


    • Clean Water Processing Areas
    • Clean-up Acids and other Chemical Spills
    • Wipe Down of Machinery, and Instrumentation
    • Clean Photo-Mask Areas
    • Clean Laminar Flow Benches
    • Clean Quartzware
    • General Purpose Wiping in Cleanrooms

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    Part # Size Units Per Case

    150 wipes per bag,
    9"x9" (22.9 cm x 22.9 cm)

    6 bags
    Order from an authorized distributor


    What are cleanroom wipes?

    Cleanroom wipes, also known as cleanroom wipers, are specialized cleaning materials used in environments that require high levels of cleanliness and contamination control. These environments are typically found in industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, aerospace, medical device manufacturing, and other fields where even minute particles or contaminants can negatively impact the final product or research outcomes.

    Cleanroom wipes are designed to be low-linting, non-abrasive, and made from materials that minimize the release of particles or fibers. They come in various sizes and materials, including polyester, microfiber, polypropylene, cellulose, and blends of these materials. The choice of material depends on the specific cleaning requirements of the cleanroom or controlled environment.

    Some key features and characteristics of cleanroom wipes include:

    • Low Particulate Generation: Cleanroom wipes are manufactured to have low particle and fiber release to avoid contamination of sensitive equipment and products.
    • Absorbency: They are designed to efficiently absorb liquids and clean surfaces without leaving residues or streaks.
    • Non-scratching: Cleanroom wipes are soft and non-abrasive to prevent damage to delicate surfaces or equipment.
    • Compatibility: Some cleanroom wipes are pre-saturated with cleaning solutions that are compatible with the specific requirements of the cleanroom environment.
    • Cleanroom Classification: Cleanroom wipes are available in different classes based on their particle generation and cleanliness level. The class designation corresponds to the ISO cleanroom classification system, such as ISO Class 1, Class 10, Class 100, etc., indicating the number of particles allowed per cubic meter of air.

    Which wipe is best with aggressive solvents?

    Solvent compatibility is another factor to consider when choosing a wipe. If the wipe is to be used with a solvent in the cleaning application, then the wipe must be selected with the solvent in mind. Solvent retention and absorbency may also be required. The wipe must the able to absorb a given solvent and retain the solvent within the fabric of the wipe for a sufficient amount of time, without premature release of the solvent. Knitted polyester and nylon wipes have the highest compatibility with a wide range of organic solvents and weak acids. Coventry Poly-Wipes and Cleanroom Chamois have good absorbency, excellent durability when cleaning rough surfaces, and low ionic and organic residue contamination. The polyester/cellulose blended Chemtronics Controlwipes and Coventry Econowipes have excellent resistance to solvents and weak acids, good durability when cleaning rough, abrasive surfaces, high particle entrapment and low particle and ionic contamination.  They are an economical choice for general cleaning and spill clean-up.

    Which wipe is best for general cleaning?

    Chemtronics general purpose wipes are meant to be used for wiping and in non-critical or controlled environments. By cleanroom standards, Chemtronics general purpose wipes would be acceptable in Class 10,000 cleanrooms or in “controlled environments”. Chemtronics ControlWipes (C910) and Coventry Econowipes (6709) have a non-woven blend of polyester and cellulose, with the best properties of each. The cellulose gives it good solvency and strong cleaning strength, and polyester it gives it good wet strength and then a high degree of cleanliness. Because of absorbency, strength, and lower cost, TechClean Wipers are commonly used in electronic assembly on SMT stencils for removing solder pastes and adhesives.


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