Superior products for electronic prototyping, assembly, and maintenance.

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Chemtronics products make avionics repair faster, easier and more accurate, improving equipment reliability even in the most challenging aviation environment.

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Coventry™ cleanroom swabs, wipes and high precision solvents for critical environments and applications.

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Chemtronics is the industry leader in solutions for the electronics, telecommunications, and critical environments markets.

Our full line of products is engineered to meet all your cleaning, coating, and maintenance needs.



Chemtronics Konform® Conformal Coatings are used for spray, dip tank, and brush applications. They protect printed circuit boards, components and flex circuitry from damage.

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Remove environmental contaminants and protect contacts from corrosion and frictional wear. Restore electrical continuity to all electronic and electrical contacts.

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The most effective products made for the critical cleaning and degreasing of electronics, electrical assemblies, and any other highly sensitive electronic components.

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Chemtronics Tips & Product Blog

This article explores the causes of tin whiskers in PCBs, and their adverse effects on the performance of high-reliability electronics. The need to mitigate tin whisker growth and their methods are discussed next. Finally, the article highlights some products from Chemtronics that help engineers mitigate the growth of tin whiskers in PCBs.
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Surgical equipment, especially those involved in neurology, interacts with the most sensitive parts of our bodies. The brain and spinal column are closed environments, without the natural ability to cleanse themselves of impurities and intrusions unlike other parts of our body. Therefore, the neurology surgical implements must be exceedingly clean.
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There are three kinds of contamination that need to be addressed, and they all represent hurdles that an implant supply chain must clear - often controlled and regulated through the entire supply chain to the raw material source: viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens, toxic, particulate and reactive contaminants, and leachant and spalling from materials in the implant.
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Note: This guide is based on the IPC 7711 3.1.5 standard. Purchase the full standard from the IPC organization. The graphics and text have been created to provide easy-to-use instructions. This process is used to remove solder holding through-hole components. Desoldering is done from the underside, non-component side of the board.
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