Solder Mask

Solder Mask

Chemask® Solder Mask protect PC boards, plated thru-holes, contacts, pins, posts, terminals and gold fingers during wave soldering. They provide short-term high-temperature protection from molten solder to 515ºF/268ºC. All solder masks are nonflammable, non-contaminating and will not leave ionic or corrosive residue. Chemask® Solder Masks are available in convenient squeeze bottles for a precision application or in gallons for automated applications.


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Chemask Peelable Solder Mask
Fast curing, peelable temporary solder masking agent

Chemask NA – Non-Ammoniated Solder Mask
High temperature, peelable, temporary mask safe for use on sensitive metals

Chemask HV - High Viscosity Peelable Solder Mask
High viscosity, peelable temporary solder masking agent

Chemask LF - Lead-Free Solder Mask
High temperature, peelable temporary mask ideal for lead-free applications

Chemask WF – Water Filterable Solder Mask
The low foaming, water filterable temporary solder masking agent