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New Limited Quantity Symbol on Product Cartons

Through 2019, we will be changing the markings of some of our product cartons from “ORM-D” to the Limited Quantity symbol. This is to bring us up-to-date with the latest shipping requirements. ...
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Try Our New Static Free Mat & Benchtop Reconditioner Wipes

Cleans and Rejuvenates ESD-Safe Surfaces Chemtronics Static Freeâ„¢ products are engineered to protect electronic equipment and workspaces from static buildup while cleaning and reconditioning. These products provide everything required for...
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Employee Spotlight: Linda Ye

Linda Ye's career in organic chemistry spans over 20 years. Her contributions to our catalog and processes have made her an essential member of our team. As our New Product Development Chemist, she's responsible for leading the formulation...
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Welcome Humberto Castrejon: Mexico Territory Sales Manager

We're excited to welcome Jesus Humberto Castrejon Flores as our new Territory Sales Manager of Northwest Mexico. He'll be responsible for growing sales in Chihuahua, Sonora, Sinaloa, and Durango. Humberto brings an enormous amount of experience,...
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Evaluating Dielectric Properties To Identify Safe Contact Cleaners

You're getting intermittent issues with your device, so you suspect there's contamination in the electrical contacts. Dust, dirt, grease, and oxidation contamination can increase electrical resistance in contact areas. That means the current...
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Why Flux Pens Make PCB Repair Easier

Flux is needed to prevent oxidation that tends to form when hot metals come in contact with the air. During printed circuit board repair and soldering, it's common to see liquid flux from the wave soldering equipment poured into jars and applied...
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The Combination Cleaning™ Guide for Fiber Optic Connector Cleaning

There’s a dirty little secret in the fiber optics world. Many installers use cleaning methods that when inspected under a scope, show a great deal of contamination left behind. Unless they inspect 100% of their connections, they...
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Employee Spotlight: Saroj Yadav

Last September, we welcomed the newest chemist of our R&D team, Saroj Yadav. Saroj has extensive knowledge of the field of chemistry, she's well versed in organic, synthetic, and medicinal chemistry. Before joining our team, she was an R&D...
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New Product! Conformal Coating Konform SR-X

Dow Corning 12577 and 12620 Shortages Due to the shortages of Dowsil 12577 and 12620, there is a demand for a viable alternative conformal coating. The reduced supply is expected to continue for the next 8-10 months. And because of these shortages,...
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How to Select A Vapor Degreaser Solvent: Azeotrope vs. Azeotrope-Like

When deciding on the right vapor degreaser solvent to be used in your vapor degreasing process, there are quite a few factors involved: performance, cost, compatibility with the existing unit, and exposure limits to the workers just to name...
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Coventry ESD Pre-Saturated Poly Wipes

Cleanroom wipes with Mat & Benchtop Reconditioner

Coventry Hi-Purity Alcohol Wipes – Polypropylene

Semicon grade IPA wipes for delicate surfaces
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