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CircuitWorks Tacky Flux: Use and Working Conditions

Tacky fluxes are commonly used in the electronics assembly industry for a variety of applications. These fluxes generally have honey-like consistency and can be used for ball attach applications, BGA re-balling and hand soldering applications....
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Solderless Repair of Defogger Grids

Rear windshield defogger repairs usually involve two basic types of failures: a.) Repairing broken grid wire traces and/or b.) Re-soldering the power connection tabs. Re-soldering these connections in a repair center or work shop is virtually...
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Introduction & Tear-down of a Da Vinci Surgical Robot

Since the new millennium, the Da Vinci family of machines have been involved in performing an increasing range of minimally invasive surgeries at an increasing number of sites with astonishing results. But let's get one thing straight - the...
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Maintenance Guidelines for Hematology Analyzers

A hematology analyzer or hemocytometer is one of the machines used inside a clinical laboratory. It rapidly analyzes whole blood specimens for the complete blood counts and differential blood counts. Red blood cells, white blood cells, hemoglobin,...
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Additive Manufacturing in Implantology: A General Workflow

In this article, we explore a basic workflow process of additively manufactured implants. By no means is this text an ultimate guideline of the exact process, as different parts and assemblies require different procedures and equipment. With...
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Guide to the Care & Maintenance of Medical Infusion Pumps

Pumps are devices that deliver or transfer fluids or gases in the process of suction or pressure. Examples in the medical field are infusion pumps, syringe pumps, and feeding pumps. These devices use the concept of pressure to automatically...
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Maintenance and Hygiene for Medical Robotics

Our robot overlords are not arriving soon - irrespective of how much Hollywood profits by suggesting they are. Nor are autonomous nanomachines a thing. Yet. However, robotics - by which we really mean AI-driven, semi-autonomous machines rather...
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Novec and Vertrel Solvent Replacement Cleaning Options for Medical Instrument and Implantable Devices

Supply chain shortages resulting from the reopening of businesses and lifting of COVID-19, among a myriad of other factors, have impacted the manufacture of medical implantable devices and surgical instrumentation. 3M Novec and Chemours Vertrel-based...
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HOW-TO: PCB Trace Repair With a Wire Jumper Thru Board

Note: This guide is based on the IPC 7721 4.2.5 standard. Purchase the full standard from the IPC organization. The graphics and text have been created to provide easy-to-use instructions. Any content that diverges or supplements the IPC standard...
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Conductive Epoxy for Solderless Connections of Sensitive Components

For electronic assembly of printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs), heat-sensitive SMD components (e.g., multi-layer ceramic capacitors) are often used but these are susceptible to thermal cracking and damage when exposed to rising temperatures....
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Flux-Off Delta

Extra strength, nonflammable solvent that removes heavy and encrusted flux deposits

FOCCUS CCT Clear Connection Tool

Easy to use tool for fast and effective end-face cleaning of fiber connectors
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