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Guide to Maintenance of Ventilation and Anesthesia Equipment

There are different ventilation machines. We have anesthesia machines, mechanical ventilators, nebulizers, and oxygen concentrators. Anesthesia machines are mainly used during operations while ventilators are mainly used to help patients maintain normal breathing in or outside of an operating room.


Overall Functionality Checking

Step 1: Power-on the machine without plugging-in to the external outlet (Battery mode).

Step 2: Plug the machine to the external power source and check the charging function.

Step 3: Set a certain pressure volume and check the actual pressure using flow meters to verify the accuracy. Perform adjustment or correction if necessary.


Exterior and Interior Cleaning

Step 1: Use alcohol wipes or disinfecting agents to clean the accessories and external appearance of the machine. This should be performed after each use.

Step 2: Clean the sensors, including CO2 sensor, using alcohol wipes.

Step 3: Use aerosol duster and degreaser to clean the ports of the machine, connectors, and accessories. Attach the extension tube to the actuator to clean inside tight areas. Clean the connectors regularly to avoid corrosion.

Step 4: Use lint-free dry wipes to clean the console or the touch screen of the machine.

Step 5: Check the filters and replace if necessary. They must be assessed by the technical person in charge for the machine.

Step 6: Open the front of the machine and access the electronic circuit boards. Use aerosol duster to clean and remove dust particles from every electrical or electronic component. For more information on cleaning electronics, check out our Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Electronics.


Cleaning and Sanitation of the Tubing

There are disposable and reusable tubing. For the reusable tubing, you can put it inside the autoclave machine to sterilize for the next user.


Cleanliness is a must to ensure proper functioning of medical devices. For more information on swabs, wipes, cleaning solvents, and other necessary supplies for medical device maintenance, contact a Chemtronics technical specialist at or 678-928-6162.

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